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Your constituency or audience needs to be updated with the latest.

Information about your events should also travel to your family, friends and fans, regularly and easily.

Hear the audio we prepared for filmmaker Tula Goenka.

When Tula launched Not Just Bollywood, we spread the news quickly.

Her Syracuse University in the US also got to know about the event.


The image of Aisha was shown at a World Press Photo presentation in 2011.

This image of Bibi Aisha of Afghanistan was shown at a World Press Photo presentation in 2011. Hear our podcast on Bibi Aisha which we presented as a human story.


And here’s our podcast on the Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai. This we did before she became the youngest person to receive Nobel prize.



Malala Yousafzai

We created the podcast below to discuss food and health.


And this one we did (following a news development) for a larger shelf life.


People generally have divergent views on any given subject, at given time.

Hear this podcast made out of a general conversation.


There is an audience which doesn’t have time to read news feeds every day.

Together, we can make them listen to your shows instead.


G Caffe podcast about fashion, travel, recipe, food, lifestyle

Try talking about something that is affecting our lives.

There are numerous topics on power, culture, subculture, lifestyle, food, recipe, health, driving, friendship, business, economics, politics, and what not!


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